Web applications to transform your business.

We develop web applications and WordPress themes that aim to challenge existing industries. We are currently working mainly on two products. Feedier which aims to redefine how we provide feedback and say goodbye to surveys. And Woffice which lets any corganization create a powerful Intranet with WordPress in a couple minutes. Beside that, we do maintain a blog, several plugins and a bunch of WordPress themes.

Our main applications

  • Feedier – Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Software

    Meet Feedier, the next generation customer satisfaction software that lets you gather valuable feedback through intelligent and segmented surveys. Reward, engage your users, spread the world and get in-depth reports. Understanding your customers starts now, customer satisfaction at your fingertips!

    Feedier - Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Software 1
  • Woffice – Intranet WordPress theme

    Woffice is a feature rich, powerful Multipurpose Intranet WordPress theme.

    It is the #1 WordPress Intranet/Extranet theme in many fields including : available features, reviews, support response time & quality, included plugins and ease to customize. It also has been featured on Themeforest because it showcases unique features that no other theme/plugin has.

    Woffice preview
  • Eonet – Responsive Communities & Networks WordPress Theme

    Eonet is a fast and interaction-based WordPress self-hosted web application for Communities and Networks of any size and color!

    Yes! It aims to boost interactivity between your members through a complete web application composed of the Eonet theme and the Eonet components. Fully customizable and scalable to suit any of your project without any coding.

    Eonet preview

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Our work is all about quality

  • Support for this theme is outstanding. If you purchase this theme and need help figuring out anything just contact the support team. I’ve purchased other themes before and the support was very subpar compared to Alkaweb. The theme itself is also fantastic. Basically has everything you could need for setting up a company intranet.

    — By UMASolar

  • Amazing theme with incomparable features and user interface. There is so much that can be done with this theme and the added plug-in pack!

    — By RealLifeSheri

  • It was REALLY hard to choose the “main reason” for my 5 star rating… the flexibility of this theme is excellent, the coding superb, this theme is TOPS regarding design, it’s feature availability is vast, documentation quality is also fantastic, and even though it’s clear english is not their first language… I have found this to be a NON issue! The support I’ve received is above and beyond what I ever would have imagined. From the tiniest tweak to a detailed explanation of what to do to get the results I’m seeking, my questions are answered within a day. I’ve been able to design straight through without pause due to their magnificent customer service! I am THRILLED to be using this theme and encourage you to do the same if you want an internet/intranet solution. You can check us out at VOTR.Party to see just what you can do with this theme! WhooHOOffice!

    — By SummerRose108

  • For me this theme is a complicated matter – so many possibilities – but with the help of the support people I get along fine!

    — By JoshHH

  • Installation Was Easy, this Theme is much faster than my Previous Theme and Users are So Happy with interface.

    Great Customer Support

    — By eesa777

  • This theme is really complete with a lot of features. Our intranet is not so complex yet, but it’s really great to know that you have all these extras available to implement them as soon as the company is ready for it.

    Also, support has been great so far.

    — By marksson

  • This theme has met all of my expectations and more. The flexibility, customization, and overall ease-of-use has been wonderful!

    Also, their customer service/support team have been incredibly quick to respond to any questions I’ve had.

    If you are looking for a WP intranet/extranet them I would highly recommend using Woffice.

    — By mernest

  • The configuration of Woffice is intuitive and simplistic – even WP newbies can easily set up a great-looking Woffice site with ease.

    Customer support has also been fantastic. Staff are responsive, and very helpful.

    — By ACarriere

  • One of the best things I have ever bought here at Theme Forest. The support is also amazing. I had an issue with Unyson plugin and it wasn’t clear why it wouldn’t work no matter what. Woffice guys helped me all along the way and finally came up with a solution. That was and still is a great experience, really. If you’re in doubt right now, you can be sure that this theme is definitely a great choice!

    — By diegomartins1

  • This theme is just amazing,one of the best themes i ever have seen.
    You get a´lot of features also updates.
    I love the web app design,good documentation.
    overall you get an stable theme for an acceptable price.
    Greets from an Satisfait customer.

    — By Josemanu

  • The theme is freaking awesome, but on top of that, the customer service was stellar. I had an issue with multi-site and their team swooped in and fixed it quickly. Theme is definitely worth the money plus some! 🙂

    — By perkypixel

  • I researched a lot before finding this theme. In fact, I was in doubt between two options and did not regret in choosing the theme of Alkaweb. I’m finishing an Intranet for 200 employees and I am very satisfied with support. Congratulations to the development team.

    — By fmoraes

  • I have more than one main reason to give these guys 5*.

    Their support has been more than helpful. Their flexibility, design quality and features are amazing. I am still finding some small flaws in their code but that doesn’t take away from how great the overall theme is.

    I highly recommend it and would continue to check out their other products.

    — By Sobhinho

  • The customer support are superb! I am a newbie at PHP, CSS and HTML, yet they gave me a detailed instruction to solve the problem

    A recommended theme for those who want to develop intranet web but with limited coding skills

    — By IqbalFajar


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