Alkalab is company that develops web applications as a core-business and was created in 2015. Beside several WordPress plugins and premium WordPress themes we tackle two challenges:

  • How can we stop annoying customers with surveys and focus on the feedback itself. With our application Feedier, we re-define surveys. Feedier focuses on providing a good experience that will let your users want more feedback forms. It’s all about rewarding them for the time they spend, engaging with them at the right time and starting a relationship. But also providing the right tool to let your business get more insights from its feedback campaigns.
  • How any organization can have a complete intranet ready in a couple minutes. With our WordPress theme Woffice, which is a all-in-one intranet/extranet solution with over 8000 customers worldwide. We made over 120 updates in the past three years. Adding more features in each one of them to push the limit, every time. We’re just getting starting. Woffice has powerful easy-to-use demos that you can setup in a couple minutes.

All humans ? working in our team respect these principles that define our work and way of working:

  • Do our best to always improve ourselves, learn new skills and make quality rather quantity.
  • Act respectively and humbly.
  • Build it before explaining it.
  • Feedback matters.
  • Develop innovation throughout our job and push limits whenever we can.
  • Be responsible for our actions, whether in our fault or not.

The whole team is passionated about the customer and how our work can help him in a daily basis. So it’s about quality and barriers to be pushed.

We are a small, yet dynamic team based in Lille, France. We work with partners from around the world, mostly in Bangladesh and Brazil.



Alkalab SAS
16 Place Madeleine Caulier