Many of our users asked us how to send a private message to all members or just a notice, an update that can be displayed somewhere.

With BuddyPress, we can do both actions.

If you want to know how to send site-wide notices and how to send mass messages, continue to read this article.

What Are Site-Wide Notices and How to Use Them?

If you are using an admin account and the messages component is enabled, you can send a site-wide notice to the users of the site.

If you are not sure about your messages component, you can check it in Settings > BuddyPress:

Private Messaging on BuddyPress

It’s very simple to send a site-wide notice, if you want to send a notice to all users, you have to open the message composer on frontend, insert the text that you want to send to your users but, instead of fill the field “Send to”, check the box “This is a notice to all users”:

Send a BuddyPress notice

At this point you can send the notice as a standard message, clicking on “Send Message”.

The notice that you sent will be shown to users through the widget “BuddyPress sitewide notices”.

So if you place it in the sidebar, the users will see there all new notices and they will be able to close them when they prefer.

You can see the history or all site-wide notices sent in Message > Notices.

From there you can delete or just disable a notice — if you disable it, the notice will be no longer displayed in the widget and you can reactive when you want to show it again.

IMPORTANT: BuddyPress only allows to show one notice in its widget, if you have more than one notice active at the same time, only the last one will be shown to users.

How to Send a Mass Message to All BuddyPress Members?

Another interesting feature that our customers would love to use is the possibility to send a private message from an admin to all members of the site.

Unfortunately, BuddyPress allows to send a message to multiple receivers, such as a group conversation, but not to send a message to many single receivers or to all members of the site.

At moment there are few plugins into the WordPress repository that allow doing this, but they are very very old, not updated from months or even from years, I tested them with the current WordPress and BuddyPress version and they don’t work.

For this reason, the Alkalab team has developed a new free plugin: Mass Messaging for BuddyPress – by Alkaweb.

Mass Messaging for BuddyPress allows you to send a private message to all members of your site and if this is not enough, then the plugin allows you to filter the receivers by groups and roles.

For now, the plugin can be used only by the backend, but we will improve it as soon as possible, adding more filters and a frontend integration.

If you like our plugin and you would like to see more updates that improve it, let us know in the comments below.

Do you want to know when more free plugins will be published?

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WordPress lover since v3.5. Back end and front end developer; enthusiastic themes and plugins creator; also getting along with Laravel and Vue JS. Founder of Webbaku and member of Alkaweb team since 2015.


  1. Is there a way where people can select groups to send messages to? Perhaps a checkbox to select which groups to send the message to, instead of just everybody?


  2. Is there an way to add the editor to mass message?

  3. Mario Badilla

    20 June 2019, 7:52 pm

    Does the plugin work with the current version of WP?

    • Baptiste Debever

      01 July 2019, 9:53 am

      Hi there,

      Yes, it should work. If you have any trouble, feel free to raise a ticket at


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