Eonet is the new community theme developed by Alkaweb. It has been designed to enhance the user experience of every community site and it is fully integrated with BuddyPress plugin.

Eonet allows to handle members, groups, forums, activity walls, private messaging, friendships, restricted content and much more. So it can be used to create any kind of community and membership website, or also a company it website.

If you want to create a professional community with the minimum effort, Eonet is perfect solution for you.

An overview on Eonet Theme

Eonet is much more than a simple theme, it provides many unique features such as a live chat, members map, connections directory, restricted areas, extensions. The goal was from day 1 to provide an unique experience for both the administrator and the members. From the administration, everything is well documented and the extensive options help you to manage your site as you wish in a matter of seconds. Then, for the user, we have focused our work on the user interface and how people interact with each other on the network. We tried to make it easier and more elegant. This work on details can also be found on the responsive version that will let all your members use their favorite community from any place and any device.

You can see Eonet Theme in action here.

Eonet + Visual Composer: Create everything without use code

Eonet comes with Bakery Visual Composer, the most famous visual composer plugin for WordPress, in addition to it we have also added the plugin Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer. This means that you can choose among dozens of visual elements, combine them and  create every page in just few minutes, using Drag & Drop and never touching any CSS or HTML code.

You can see the result of the combination of these plugins in the Demo Site. We have built the entire website using only these plugins, without the use of any additional code.

Some of the features built in with Eonet

Here there are just some of the most important features of Eonet, but the list could continues a lot.

Members Directory
The members directory page of Eonet BuddyPress Theme

Eonet allows to handle efficiently the members of your site. It automatically creates a members directory page, where members can be sorted and filtered through an advanced search form.

You can create as many fields as you want and assign them to your users, you can also choose what fields have to be required and what can be just optional. Every user will be able to handle him own profile page and information. They can also send private messaging between them and create friendship connections.

See the members directory in action

Members Map & Members Connection Views

If the standard members page isn’t enough, we have create two additional page templates: Members Map and Members Connections.

The Members Map page displays all members of the site around the world, you can navigate the map and filter the members t display.

Members Map page for Eonet BuddyPress Theme

See the members map in action


The Members Connections page displays all the members highlighting the connection level between them. It considers private messages and all kind of activities of the users. Still, the members can be filtered and paginated.

Members Connections page of Eonet BuddyPress Theme

See the members connections in action

Live chat

Live chat of Eonet BuddyPress Theme

Eonet provides a 1-to-1 live chat. If you enable it, every logged user will be able to chat with another one in the site. The chat supports the statuses online and new message received.

The administrator have many options to handle the members displayed in the chat, they can be all the members of the site, or restricted and filtered in many ways. Such as display only the friends of the current user

See the live chat in action

Social login

Eonet - next BuddyPress theme for your community 1

The default login experience of WordPress doesn’t look very nice, so Eonet enhanced it creating a new login page. It’s also possible sign in or sign up from any page, using a quick popup. More easy is sing up and more users you will have.

In order to make things even more easy for your users, Eonet comes with a built in social login feature. Your users can sign up/sign in to your site with just 1 click, using their Facebook or Google+ accounts.

See the social login in action

Private Areas

Eonet allows to create a totally private community, or to make private only some areas of your site.  You can restrict the content only to logged-in users, or only to logged-in users with a specific role. The options to handle private areas are as simple as clever so you can handle the private contents in a flexible and efficient way.

See a private page in action

Some pre-made demo examples for Eonet

Eonet comes with a sample content, useful to have a starting point for the pages and don’t create everything from scratch.

The most important demos provided by Eonet are:

In conclusion

I hope you have enjoined this review. If you want see more about Eonet Theme, you can do here. If you have any question feel free to comment below, or to write a comment in the theme page on ThemeForest. We will be happy to solve your doubts.


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WordPress lover since v3.5. Back end and front end developer; enthusiastic themes and plugins creator; also getting along with Laravel and Vue JS. Founder of Webbaku and member of Alkaweb team since 2015.

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