Looking to join a small and friendly talented crew to develop top-notch web applications using modern technologies?

Alkaweb is creating software applications which make our customers’ life easier. Your sweet spot! Our work is all about quality, commitment and passion for our customers. That said, we strive to set out and do things, thus making mistakes and learning from them.

Alkaweb is a profitable bootstrapped company and we pride ourselves for granting 10% of our annual profit to a charity. We are a remote-company, with developers spread around the world. We are also committed to organize several in-real-life meeting with our team – and attend different tech-related events.

We communicate daily on Slack – and we strongly believe on the Agile Project Management, using JIRA for our weekly development sprint.

We have mainly been focused on building WordPress solutions (themes and plugins) since our inception, with our major hit being Woffice.io. That’s being said, we have leaned toward building our first SaaS for the last few months: feedier.com – and we intend to make hit our flagship product in the upcoming months.

We do not have any job offer, as of right know.



Alkalab SAS
16 Place Madeleine Caulier